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We had the exciting opportunity of launching Candy Crush’s TikTok account. Although Candy Crush the game is mostly played by mums, our job was to speak to a discerning Gen Z audience. We’d jump on the latest trending sounds and filters to make offbeat content that felt relevant for Candy Crush, but not like a brand talking. Like true ‘TikTokkers’ we’d shoot all the content ourselves, from initial ideas through to producing posts, for a mix of evergreen and campaign content.

The best TikTok accounts have a larger than life mascot. We narrowed down from Candy Crush’s in-game characters to find the weirdest one, and gave him a TikTok makeover. We decided how he’d speak, what he’d do and how we’d unleash him into the world. We even decided how he’d look, experimenting with inflatable outfits, and giant cardboard cutouts to land on the most ‘TikTok’ look and feel.

Who doesn’t want to see a watermelon smashed to smithereens by a giant pair of teeth? We got a hydraulic press, and did exactly that. Only, we wanted it to feel fresh, so we ‘un-crushed’ things for a change, and played the videos backwards. To make sure it looked ‘TikTok first’ we mostly kept branding off, but made sure it still looked yummy.

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